Graduation 2015

Graduation 2015


With this project, I reflect on my personal history. I dedicate this project to the people who have inspired me first as a dancer, and now as designer. Through their self awareness and perseverance, they stand out in a particular field. For instance, Anthon Beeke, his design of the poster for Troilus & Cressida theatre performance in 1981 inspired me greatly. The famous choreographer Pina Bausch with her entire oeuvre set me in motion. Both those people and many more have reached me and give me strength as a designer, and as an individual. This project is a hommage to those who inspired me. With this project, the shape of a human being is constructed from words that describe their impact on me. With this project, I wish to convey my respects and appreciation to these figures.

Publication Hommage

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